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Here at Sexsocieties we just don't write about it, we actually travel around the world to bring you the most accurate global online sex guide. This website is designed to research and share information about sex topics in every major city worldwide. Whether you're traveling abroad, in your own backyard, just browsing or in the business we hope our sites will assist you in all you endeavors.

The purpose of this guide is to provide fellow 'sex travelers' an all-purpose, easy to use information station. Any and all information you need to know about a city you intend to travel to for 'pleasure' should be accessible within the pages of this website.

Covering everything from keeping you safe to getting you that good deal. The SexSocieties Team takes ten days of every month to travel to a new country to provide you with a more personal and accurate guide (not copying and pasting articles from the internet like other guides). Articles are full of original content and individually written. We also proudly hire local authors from around the world to bring you all the juicy details you'll want to know about. Hiring authors who have lived/live in the city they're writing about ensures that the information provided is accurate and more personalized.

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